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Mario Ortiz de Zevallos

Founding partner of Kuporo’, pioneer of tourist activity in the area and an avid protector of the Peruvian jungle. It is very likely that during your visit you may share a conversation or hear a story from him. Ask him about his experiences in the jungle!



Alfredo Ferreyros

Founding partner of Kuporo, with extensive knowledge of the tourism market, he is a great help in the development of strategies to reach our customers. It is important to mention that he has been the director of Conservation International in Peru.


Klaus Hartl

Originally from East Germany, but already accustomed to the jungle of Cusco, Klaus is the head of operations and an essential part of this Startup.



Washington Campero

Born in Quincemil, Washington is a hunter turned conservationist. He spent many years in different activities in the jungle of Cusco and Quincemil, long before the arrival of the interoceanic highway. When it arrived, he realized the need to support actions to protect his jungle. Washi is the expert in orchids and medicinal plants.

Hayley Ward and Santiago Ortiz de Zevallos

Hayley is Kuporo's sales representative so you will probably meet her before the rest of the team. Born in the United States, she studied Outdoor Adventure Leadership and enjoys time in the outdoors! She lives in Cusco with her husband Santiago an environmental engineer, who is partly dedicated to developing conservation strategies for Camanti Sostenible.

A glimpse into the spectacular kingdom of the rainforest