Bird watching

Bird watching

Due to the elevation of Kuporo’ lodge (730 MSNM/2,395 FASL) and it’s easy connection to other elevations (550 to 4,725 MASL/1805 to 15,500 FASL), it allows us to offer a variety of programs, providing excellent opportunities for bird watching enthusiasts.

In addition, the possibility of continuing the trip via the paved, Southern Interoceanic Highway, provides the opportunity to experience sightings in the Tambopata Reserve and Baguaja Sonene National Park in Madre de Dios, thus completing, with the species of the low areas of tropical forests, a wonderful journey.

Data: In a study done in the area of the lodge, in a term of 45 days, 588 species were registered, with 9 endemic species of Peru.

We have specialized guides, transportation and everything that is required for this activity.

Contact us for a custom made itinerary according to your needs, interests and time.

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