Conservation and sustainability


Conservation and sustainability

Conservation projects and environmental activism Kuporo’ is part of the "Sustainable Camanti Conservation Association"(CCS) founded in 2014 at the initiative of the founders of the lodge. The achievements and projects of the ACCS are the following:

a) Support in the promulgation of a municipal decree that designates a territory of 1300 hectares/3212 acres as a
protected area, which includes the Chilimayo river basin, a water source for the town of Quincemil, capital of the Camanti

b) Initiative and management, together with the Conservation Association of the Amazon Basin (ACCA), for the establishment of a conservation concession of 21,000 hectares/51,892 acres in the Camanti district (in the process).

c) Development of an educational environmental awareness project for the local population, from which we will seek to establish programs that support local people interested in educating themselves at the technical level and higher in conservation activities and sustainable economy.

Sustainability strategy and actions

In order to maximize our strategy, we have sought to answer the following questions; how could our operation impact the natural and social environment in which we find ourselves? What opportunities do we have to achieve a positive impact? How can we avoid or minimize negative impacts?

All of our infrastructure and gardens are built on a section of the property considered as "recovery of pasture lands in the jungle", that is, land that has been previously been degraded and that requires recovery actions. The previous owners used this part of the property in the construction of the old bridge, the current Oroya Bridge and as a cultivation area.


The reasons we chose to build in this space are the following:
a) We avoided further degradation of the forest,
b) We could place flora species with a certain degree of vulnerability in the gardens and
c) There was already road access to the construction area, so a minimum amount of land conditioning was required for the
construction of the lodge.

We also understood that, due to the position of this touristic entrepreneurship, we would become a sort of "guardian" of the water basin that feeds the town of Quincemil, capital of the Camanti district. There are many interests to carry out extractive activities in the basin, especially mining interests, which is why, along with the other partners of the "Sustainable Camanti Conservation Association" and with the support and concrete actions of the municipality of Camanti and the parish of the town represented by Father Rene Salizar (who obtained the signatures of the population opposing the mining activity), we were able to establish a municipal decree that designates 1300 hectares/3212 acres of forest as a protected area, within which is the basin in mention, our property and all of its surroundings.

We knew that to avoid extractive activities, in addition to carrying out protective actions, we had to become an example of sustainable business for anyone who wanted to undertake projects in the area and thus contribute to the development of a sustainable economy in such a beautiful place. For this reason, we proposed and carried out a series of actions to avoid or minimize our negative impacts.


The construction was carried out on land previously used for construction and agriculture. The lodge has a 100% renewable energy system from solar panels installed on the property. All of the water that we use in the lodge is treated in biodigesters before its final disposal.

The construction is designed to have low energy consumption. The architecture of the lodge seeks to generate a low visual impact. All human activities seek to respect and protect the fauna and flora of the area. No extractive activities of any kind are practiced and any agricultural production that may be carried out within the property is of the agroforestry type, with principles of permaculture.

The majority of the ingredients for meals we use are local and some are even produced on the property. We seek to use organic food ingredients, which have been produced with low environmental impact management. We try to use biodegradable products for the cleaning and maintenance of our lodge.

A large part of our staff is local. They receive fair reimbursement for their goods and services and they also receive professional and personal support. The formation of the "Camanti Tourist Destination Management Association" has been promoted, with more than fifteen members to date.



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