Nature walks

Nature walks

To talk about tropical forests is to talk about Peru, with the fourth largest expansion of rainforest in the world.

Our trails in the area surrounding the Kuporo´ lodge and on the banks of the Arazá River, provide various levels of hiking. Whether it be a short stay or for those who prefer minimal physical effort and / or families with children (two to three hour leisurely walks). We offer longer, more demanding options with steeper hikes (with picnic en route), or less incline but more distance (between four and six hours). We also offer night time excursions to experience the activity of the many nocturnal species in the jungle.

You will observe countless species of trees, shrubs, orchids, bromeliads, heliconias, ferns, fungi, medicinal plants, including endemic species of this ecosystem. Along with birds of the most diverse species, for example, the family of tanagers with their varied colors and beautiful patterns, you may also see monkeys, anteaters and mustelids, as well as herpetofauna with different species of frogs and an extensive variety of arthropods, more than 300 species of butterflies and innumerable types of crickets, among others.

Contact us for a custom made itinerary according to your needs, interests and time.

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A glimpse into the spectacular kingdom of the rainforest