A large number of tributaries in the high and middle zones of the Araza River come together to make this one of the best rivers for rafting in Peru. In the descent through this spectacular canyon, the tropical heat signals the entrance to the Araza river from where we will start an extraordinary 3 to 4 hour adventure with a mixture of class III, IV and IV + rapids, backwaters, water falls, fauna and flora. The Araza River has unique characteristics that make it an excellent river for boating, such as easy accessibility, water volume, exciting rapids, backwaters that allow rest from the white waters, the temperate environment and the possibility of observing varied fauna and flora on it’s banks and Kuporo´. All this provides an excellent opportunity for a rafting adventure on this magnificent river in the jungle!

For those wishing to experience a less intense float in calmer waters with the family or in search of wildlife on the banks, the lower section of the Araza River presents a perfect opportunity. We offer a day float in this section with a delicious picnic included.

Our programs can be modified according to your itinerary, whether you are continuing on to Puerto Maldonado or returning to Cusco.

Contact us for a custom made itinerary according to your needs, interests and time.

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