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ANDES TO HIGH AND LOW RAINFOREST 5D/4N Day 1. Cusco - Kuporo Lodge. Pick up from your hotel or other address within the perimeter of the city of Cusco. This day is a trip where we can visit two Andean baroque temples, continuing through the Andes, impressive views of the mountains and glaciers, inhabitants of the high Andes, who maintain part of their ancestral customs, typical costumes and sale of various products; in many cases they are farmers, breeders of South American camelids such as llamas and alpacas. We will have a picnic in the field. Continuing our trip, we will make the great descent to the tropical humid forests in which we will be able to observe different ecosystems, increase in vegetation cover, waterfalls, the Arazá river, etc. After descending 4,000 meters we will arrive at Kuporo Lodge where we will stay overnight. We will have dinner, meet the lodge staff, and learn about the area, the role of the lodge, conservation projects and sustainable economic activities for the local population. Overnight at Kuporo Lodge. Meals: picnic-lunch and dinner. Day 2. Kuporo Lodge Early in the morning we will take a tour of the trails of the lodge where we will have the opportunity to observe a variety of flora, few smaller places, a large number of arthropods, such as beautiful butterflies, crickets, locusts, beetles, as well as birds (142 species registered in the area of the lodge), some mammals such as monkeys, armadillos, porcupines, Kalinowsky's agouti, anteaters, amphibians, reptiles such as the Tegu Cusco, rodents, and the small flat-fronted caiman or alligator. We will have breakfast and later we will visit the Arazá river sector that is very close to the lodge, or another longer walk in the area. Returning we will have lunch and break time and later we will either take another walk or bath in the river. After dinner we will offer you a night walk in the vicinity of the hostel. Overnight at Kuporo Lodge. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Day 3. Kuporo lodge-Sachavacayoc Lodge We will have breakfast early and leave in the direction of Tambopata (Madre de Dios). After about 100 kilometers you will be able to see different towns and deforested areas due to the impact of gold mining activity. We will arrive at the city of Puerto Maldonado (capital of the Madre de Dios region) where the company's staff will be waiting for us to proceed with the transfer from our office to the Port of the Tambopata River. We will navigate up the Tambopata River to Sachavacayoc Lodge. On the way, we will have the chance to observe birds, alligators, capybaras and monkeys. On the boat we will arrange a box lunch for you and cold bottled drinks (vegetarian option is also available). Accompanied by our guide, we will arrive at Finca Sachavacayoc, check-in and rest. After a short break, we will take a walk through the jungle, as an introduction to the lowland forest and familiarize ourselves with the interior of the forest. Wait until darkness in order to do a night walk in search of nocturnal fauna and arthropods. Dinner at the hostel. Overnight at Sachavacayoc Lodge. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Day 4. Sachavacayoc Lodge We will visit one of the wonders of the world of nature, the spectacular Collpa Chuncho, (cliff wall on the edge of the river that contains salts and clays). A unique spectacle of wildlife with the three main species of macaws gathering at the same time, parrots and parakeets where they perch to ingest clay, a special and unique behavior that is only found in this part of the planet. Leave early in order to board the boat to go up the Tambopata River and be able to enjoy the best of the show of the macaws, parrots and parakeets. Due to early departure breakfast will be served on the boat. Along the way to the clay lick we have great chances of seeing capybaras, caimans and maybe, if we have luck, jaguars or tapirs (the two largest land mammals in the Amazon forests). We will wait in the area of the clay lick, until the arrival of the macaws. Return to the lodge for lunch. After taking a rest, we will get ready to visit the pristine lake named "Condenado". Walking calmly through the trails we will enter the reserve lake area and board a rowing canoe. There is a fantastic sight of the most varied wildlife such as monkeys, alligators, hoatzins, macaws, toucans and we will probably have the chance to see Boas (the longest Anaconda in the world). This place offers us a unique experience where we will be the only ones in this pristine lake. Part of the return walk to the lodge will be at night because this will give us another opportunity to observe the nocturnal fauna. Dinner at the hostel Note: depending on the concentration of fauna, season and weather conditions, the guide may change the visit to Lake Condenado for one of the following lakes: Tres Chimbadas or Sachavacayoc. Overnight at Sachavacayoc Lodge. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Day 5. Back to Puerto Maldonado Breakfast and departure on the boat to the river port of Puerto Maldonado. Meals: breakfast INCLUDED SERVICES: Overnight in two lodges (Kuporo lodge and Sachavacayoc Lodge), mentioned meals, trail guides, excursions and private transportation. NOT INCLUDED: Tips and Extras. ASK FOR THE EXTENSION OPTION : 1 DAY MORE IN TAMBOPATA NATIONAL RESERVE. PRICE PER PAX SINCE $955.00 USD (min 2 - max 7 pax)