Many people have a strong desire to help Amazon rainforest conservation, even if they do not have experience in tourism, biology, ecology or conservation or do not have a lot of money to cover all their costs in the country. Our Kuporo Volunteer program is perfect for people who lack extensive scientific training and personal funding, but who have a lot of free time (ideally months), a passion for nature, and want to be immersed in a remote place for a period.


Committed and hardworking individuals who want to contribute in tourism and conservation activities and those who will have plenty of free time. Applicants must be in good physical shape and able to work sometimes in difficult environmental conditions of high temperature (24-35 Celsius) and humidity (75-100%). Participants must be motivated and able to work well in an international team environment and in a remote location. Good Spanish and English language skills are highly desirable, service vocation, cooking skills, drive licence, experience in construction and/or maintenance, artistic skills, and/or other personal attributes that would help us significantly to achieve Kuporo's tourism and conservation goals. People interested in the Volunteering option should send us a copy of their CV and a letter indicating their motivations and expectations. Candidates who pass our initial assessment will likely be invited to attend an online interview to further discuss potential placement.


Volunteers are expected to work under the supervision of Kuporo staff and assist in all aspects. Tasks include leading groups, cooking, cleaning, transporting supplies, and general repairs to the shelter's infrastructure. Maintenance duties include cleaning trails, cleaning equipment, introducing new volunteers and providing assistance to “UKUMAYA” conservation concession team coordinators when they requested.


A limited number of Volunteers are awarded each year. These are awarded to those individuals who believe they can bring a strong set of personal qualities to our field of research.